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Authorized Dealer of Trenchless Equipment

As an Authorized Dealer of several trenchless manufacturersTrenchless Rental Solutions (TRS) is a trusted and reliable source for all things in the underground construction industry.

TRS offers rental services and sells products such as Boring Machines, Horizontal Directional Drills, Auger, Cutting Heads and much more. TRS also rents and sells products such as, Air Hammers and Reamers that are extremely applicable and useful for the drilling needs of contractors today.

Not only does TRS sell new equipment, they also sell certified used equipment as it becomes  available!

With a dedicated and knowledgable staff, Trenchless Rental Solutions is more than capable of servicing contractors all across the country with specialized care and attention!


Product Lines

We offer rental services and sell premier products in the trenchless industry from manufactures such as Barbco and Pioneer One.

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